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OZ Apps is a Townsville based Consultancy that offers a variety of services including Consulting, Development, Training. Our Capabilities and Experience span over a period of 20+ years in the IT Industry in a variety of Industry sectors. Our areas of specialization include but are not limited to Automobile, Business Analytics, Business Intelligence, Education and Legacy Integration. Our clients include organizations and Individuals both local and International. Our main highlight and focus has been on Integrating Mobile Solutions with the Business Strategy to enhance and maximize the productivity and the bottom line.

Our Prinicpal Consultant, Jayant Varma is an Author of a couple of books on Mobile Development that are in print and are quite extensively used by developers worldwide.
* Learn Lua for iOS Game Development
* Xcode 6 Essentials
* More iPhone Development with Swift - Exploring the iOS SDK
* More iPhone Development with Objective-C - Exploring the iOS SDK

Also please note : Our staff is Educated, Qualified and certified by the ACS (Australian Computer Society). We develop Native Mobile Applications and not package Websites as mobile apps. We are not a Web Developer that has added mobile apps to the list of services. Mobile is our specialization.

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Common Services

  • Consulting
  • Training
  • Application Development (Web, mobile, desktop)
  • IT Business Solutions
  • Other

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