About Matthew Bulat

Could your business benefit from new digital approaches using Information, Communication and Technology(ICT)? My name is Matthew Bulat and I have over 20 years experience with ICT design, implementation and management. My mission is to use technology efficiently in terms of costs, resources used and availability. I have implemented and managed ICT equipment located around Australia for the Commonwealth Government with a 99.9% availability for 10 years. You need an ICT professional who provides unique solutions that help your business communicate better and run more efficiently. Visit my website http://www.matthewb.id.au/ and email me matthew.bulat@gmail.com for more information on my services.


Quick ICT Skills Review

I designed a web page that users can review 96 SFIA-5 ICT skills with descriptions and work out which skills they have or desire. Results can be exported as a CSV file. This process can be completed in 30 minutes. 

What skills are within your organisation?

What skills are required for your new strategy?

Which organisation skills need to improve for better productivity?

You and NBN at the next level - 74 Ideas

The free eBook was created to allow non technical people to be aware of technologies that may benefit them.

Some technologies can be implemented immediately for improved efficiency.

Many technologies will be supercharged with an NBN (National Broadband Network) connection.

Which ideas will suit you?

74 ideas with description, main benefit, advantages, disadvantages & how will the NBN change it.

13 bonus ICT benefits that can be applied now. 

Appendix of links to review skills, the future of Australian ICT & NBN connection planning.

85 book references for further reading. 

Do you need help reviewing your business before and after NBN introduction?

Which technologies could advance your business with NBN?

Business Model Creator - Present and Future with Digital Options

A system to create a business model of the current and future attributes of a business. Both business and digital options can be added. Based on Business Model Canvas. Export as a picture or as text. Uses HTML 5 Canvas to draw the model based on your choices. Create models for your customer business showing what they have and want. Create business cases based on their wants and implement them. Example models provided for 4 industries and further reading provided. 

Do you have a current business model?

Does your business model include the latest technologies?

Are you planning to update your business model with the introduction of the NBN?

What is your business missing out on?

Why have a Small Business Website?

Why have a Small Business Website? 

Get access to 18 million Australian and 2.9 billion worldwide Internet users. 

Create a new customer segment.

What are the website possibilities?

What are the website pre-requisites?

What are your website requirements?

What are your web page requirements?

What is your website done checklist?

What can be optimized to further improve the performance of your website. 

Create your own checklists to implement a new website quicker. 

Save time for yourself and web development partners. 

Please email with your initial checklists. Thanks. 

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