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My primary role is to educate businesses and the community on what technologies they can utilise, right now, to do what they already do, but better. Introducing business owners to technologies and ideas that can save them time, reduce costs and allow them or their employees to spend more of their time on adding value to the business, not the mundane, repetitive chores. I deliver Digital Economy workshops in a region covering Gladstone to Cooktown and out to Mount Isa. I provide support to the Rockhampton, Townsville and Cairns ICT Business Networks and work with the Mackay IT business network, developing regional ICT capabilities. I also provide support to “Broadband for the Tropics” and have facilitated a number of important Digital Economy projects around the NBN rollout in North Queensland. My work also involves participation in a range of projects across Townsville that tap into distributed sensor networks and the aggregation of data from various sources to drive innovation across industry and community sectors. Initiatives in the northern Queensland Digital Economy and the skills needed to support the development of the ICT industry are areas that will be further developed in the coming years.

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